Sango the Burger Master? Definitely!

My visit: January 2009

The burgers that my friend AC and I ordered exceeded my expectation. I ordered a Master Burger (PhP109) while AC ordered Chicken Teriyaki Burger (PhP98). Both of us ordered a regular milk tea for PhP37 each and a Master French Fries PhP88.

The orders took around 15 minutes to arrive so that gave me enough time to check the venue and the high tech toilet. Although well- lighted, the venue is a bit old. Most patrons are yuppies. The flat screen TV shows a Japanese game show which caught most of the diners attention. The toilet is shared by both men and women. It features a lot of buttons that I couldn't figure or is it not functioning? 

Back to the burgers... I like the chicken teriyaki because it has chicken filet and not a patty. Plus, the sauce is superb! The only "health hazard" is the large amount of mayo on top of the greens. Geez, if I had known I would have requested for it to be removed. The Master Burger is like spaghetti sauce sandwiched in a bun. I liked it but it gave me onion breath the whole afternoon. The Master Frech Fries has also the same spaghetti sauce plus cheese squares as toppings. Ketchup and more onions are served on the side. 

The milk tea is a disappointment because its nothing like the milk tea I am accustomed to. Maybe that's the Japanese version? Or maybe it lacks one ingredient, black pearl.

What else can I say? Parking is a problem. We got there during lunch time. We opt to park inside Plaza Fair just across the Creekside and paid Php40. The waiting staff was inefficient. I ask for a glass of water without ice from two different waitresses. For the third time, I went to the counter to get the pitcher and pour the water myself. Two other personnel approached and ask me what I need because I was standing there for 5 minutes. It's a shame for such a budding fast food restaurant to have an efficient staff.