Feelings of a First- Time Freeloader

It was January 29 when I got 2 email messages from my correspondent in SPOT inviting me and a guest to attend food pairing tips from Starbucks the next day. I was initially hesitant and quickly told my DH all about the email during breakfast. DH was not so keen on attending . What to do? call a "friend"... my ever reliable "sister" AC- my partner in crime~
Luckily, she doesn't have job, uh huh, sorry to divulge that but maybe this blog can help in finding her one. So, post if you need a "L-I-A-R" oops... my bad, lawyer tee hee~ 

I called up Karl, introduced myself, and asked if there were any fees to pay to attend the coffee seminar. I learned that all I have to do was to bring myself and that's it. No fees whatsoever. check. Bring a friend? check.

Not expecting anything, AC wondered out loud if Filipino time or ON time will prevail. The later won. Good thing, we were there a few minutes before the seminar started. We were only about 10, plus 1- that's AC, in the group so it was very intimate. The only downside with doing it inside the coffee shop was the pipe- in music which was a bit high in volume and sadly, I wasn't able to hear much of the food pairing and just settle with the food tasting which was SUPERB by the way, no complaints here. I was actually shocked that my fellow blogger came prepared with cameras, pen and pad in hand. I, on the other hand, have my trusty IXUS 860 which for me was good enough. I'll keep in mind to bring pad paper next time. *wishing & hoping to be invited again*

I learned that coffee has three scents/ tones namely Earthy (raw mushroom)- the Sumatra coffee bean, Nutty (almond)- the Colombian coffee, and Chocolate (80% & 90% Royce Chocolate)- the Estima coffee. First they let us stir, smell and eat almond, raw button mushroom and the Royce dark chocolates to release it's aroma. After which grounded coffee beans were pass around for us to distinguished it's tone- earthy, nutty and chocolate. 

Cakes were served afterwards to be paired off with the coffee. 

Colombian with Caramel Creme, Sumatra with Honey, Oats and Apple loaf and Estima with Chocolate Chantilly. Incidentally, all the cakes will be available in February. Remember that the coffee we took was black- no sugar and milk was added. The food that you will pair with your coffee should compliment so that you can fully enjoy your coffee. I learned that you actually have to half cover your cup of coffee to savor the aroma and then slurp it loudly and as fast as you could to get the taste. In your second slurp, you have to swirl the coffee inside your mouth so that the flavor stays and is all around your mouth.

All of this process were explained fully well by the people of Starbucks. A game was conducted afterwards and "swag bags" were given to the attendees. Inside it were 3 kinds of coffee granules and a mug. AC and I were so thrilled to receive our loot for the night. We couldn't stop talking about the experience inside the car on the way home. We were both ecstatic and excited to attend the next spotter meeting. I was so high from all the coffee last night that I was not able to sleep that much. And now, I'm writing about it because I couldn't stop myself to talk about it lol So, this is how it feels... and I could get used to this~

Special thanks to:
AC for being the driver and photographer- hats off to you, sis~
Zara and Rainey from Starbucks

email at:  Rustans for coffee seminar in Starbucks near you