Ersao... Nai Cha

My visit: February 12, 2009

688 Banawe St.,
Quezon City

93 West Ave., Brgy. Bungad,
Quezon City


It's been over a year since my last visit to Taipei, Taiwan and I still can't get over my craze of their Pearl Milk Tea. When I visited the US and Canada last year, I was so delighted to see that Pearl Milk Tea, they call it Bubble/ Boba Tea, finally found its way there. I was acting a bit crazy/ecstatic because I tend to order it in every state that we visited. In Canada, it was Ten Ren Tea shop that offers the exact mixture as the one I've tasted in the streets of Taipei.

When I came back from my vacation, I realized how much I missed my milk tea. I have searched every kiosk, booth and store and was even terrified when I learned that one of the stores that offer milk tea uses powder instead of real milk i my tea. Now, that's a shame~

But now, I'm happy to share that I don't have to look far for my quest to find my perfect pearl milk tea is just within my reach and hopefully yours too~ A few weeks back, AC and I went to Ersao West Ave. and ordered their Pearl Milk Tea, Spicy Squid and their Dumplings- steamed then fried at the bottom- delicious! At, PhP40, their Pearl Milk tea is genuinely like the one in Taiwan. Their spicy squid was not like the one posted on their picture though, a bit toasted to me. Nevertheless, AC and I consumed all the food that we ordered.

pearl milk tea PhP40

Just yesterday, AC and I were back in Ersao to satisfy my yet again addiction to milk tea. This time we visited their Banawe branch. It was a bit smaller with few seating area and fewer selection on the menu. AC ordered two Pearl Milk Tea.

After twenty minutes of talking and having nothing to talk about, we got curious as to why our orders have not been coming out. I ask the cashier and just right then they immediately made our PMT. OMG~ There lies the difference, the personnel in West Ave. were much more attentive because we arrived at almost a full house as compared here where we were the lone diners. Our PMT was too sweet for me in the Banawe Branch. So, I might try my luck in their Tondo branch~

Pearl Milk Tea

service in Banawe
no service charge