Dezaato Pan not to be mistaken for Dezato Mochi

My visit: February 9, 2009

Dezaato Pan Breads Sweets Cafe
77 Sct. Alcaraz St. Quezon City

Unit 6 Thompson Square
165 Tomas Morato St., Quezon City

As usual, C and I are seeking for the new restaurant on the block that we can try. And where to search but in Banawe! Almost every month there is a new restaurant opening up and of course sad to say, others are closing up too. We got intrigued when we saw the Dezaato Pan sign up since we saw one along Tomas Morato the last time we were there. C urged me to try it out.

We entered a bright and very zen ambiance with friendly faces of the servers willing to help us with some of our queries. We learned that they are different from Dezato Mochi, the famous mochi place in Hemady St.,- love that place, btw! The difference lies in the double letter "a" lol in the word Dezato. Anyway Dezaato means japanese for desserts.

We look at the half- empty shelves and quickly got disappointed to see that most of their offering were patterned with BreadTalk.

So, we went on and look at their delectable ice cream corner. Since there were over 10 choices to chose from, the one manning the counter let us have a couple to sample taste. I tasted the Green Tea and Raspberry but settled for Raspberry Variegato at PhP50 per cup. While C tasted the Vanilla flavor and Yoghin then settled for Yoghin Foirdibosco at PhP65 per cup.

Over to the left was the cake display which offers very eye- popping, delectable dessert. Too bad, C and I were on our diet lol Suffice to say, we stayed away from it. Self-control... yehey!

our orders

We went back and scanned the bread being offered since Dezaato has "Pan" meaning bread in it's name, we figured they must specialized on it. We picked Mt. Fuji at PhP40. I took a bite and did not like its combination of Taro and the bread. C also just took a bite and decided to take the slice home.

We learned that their specialty was the Mahu topping on the bread. But that's what BreadTalk is known for. I think they have to come up with something more original or else they have to totally scrapped the word Pan on their name.

my take on SPOT

ample parking space
relax ambiance
free wi-fi

needs improvement on their menu