Yellow Chicken... should have been RED!!

My visit: February 7, 2008

Yellow Chicken Inasal Food House
808 Banawe st., Quezon City

Yellow Chicken Inasal Food House is a fairly new restaurant in Banawe, Quezon City. It's unique theme resto made us curious and finally tried it. Upon seating we were given fliers which can be use on our second visit. The flier stated that a free Iced Tea will be served upon presenting the coupon. The personnel were still mopping the place when we arrived. Menu were quickly handed to us and we asked about the Lechon ala Bacolod style. We learn that lechon is only served during Fridays and Saturdays dinner only.

We ordered Grilled Stuff Squid PhP140, Hita Chicken Inasal PhP80, Grilled Porkchop PhP145 and 2 plain rice @PhP25/ cup.

stuffed squid

The stuffed squid is very tender and the sauce is sweet to taste. A bit disappointed on the chicken which they say is their specialty. It was served still half cooked. The 2 piece pork chop was just good enough. It was thinly sliced and not worth ordering the second time around.

half-cooked chicken

We might try the lechon on our next visit, skip the pork chop and thee so called yellow chicken inasal. Next time better be good. Oh, and we are getting our free iced teas.

no service charge

blood in chicken