Promo: Tony & Jackey

My visit: June 22, 2009

Tony & Jackey
NS Amoranto cor.
Speaker Perez St., QC

One day only! Free haircut all day!

When I was in the Quezon city last Saturday, I noticed that Tony & Jackey had a new branch in NS Amoranto formerly Retiro. DH and I checked out the place and it was not yet open. On a piece of bond paper, taped on a glass door, was a sign that said about a free haircut on opening day- June 22 10am.

What luck! I immediately texted C and asked her if she would want to avail of the freebie. And she responded YES!

We were already at the venue around 10 am and we got a parking space at the basement of the building. When we approach the receptionist on the second floor, we were surprised that many clients were earlier than us and already availing the free haircut. All the staffs were busy attending customers. We got our numbers 12 and 13. In less than 30 minutes, our hair was already being shampooed, trimmed and layered.

with Karen, our stylist

We picked Karen, our stylist, because she cuts with precision and we saw gorgeous hair results from other customers.

C and I are very happy with the result of our haircut. I might be coming back to this branch because Shine and Sunny, who both curled my hair, went back to Korea and are not connected in their Tomas Morato branch anymore.