Chef Robert

My visit: July 18, 2009

Chef Robert
Unit D 84 Banawe Street
corner Linaw Street,
Quezon City

It's Saturday! And every Saturday, it's "no baon" day. This is the time DH and I would try new restaurants usually in Banawe area. Chef Robert caught our eyes, with its huge teddy bear peeking on it's glass window, who would miss it?

hello teddy!


Something caught my eye on their menu, the croquette plater PhP95. I asked what it was, the waiter was dumbfounded and can't seem to explain what it was. He excused himself and asked the kitchen staff. He said that it's delivered to them and did not really know the content except that it's vegetable. We didn't order it. DH thinks that if the waiter and the kitchen staff couldn't explain what it is or how it looks like, that's not good. Maybe they can post a picture of it on their menu. Sometimes, people are enticed to order more when they see pictures on the menu.

entree upgrades, good!

What I like is the upgrade promo that they have on their menu. Just for an additional PhP30 on your entree, pasta or salad, you can get the soup of the day and for an additional PhP20, you can have a thirst quenching glass of Lipton iced tea.

cake display


soup of the day- pumpkin soup add PhP30 to any entree

There's bacon bits on the pumpkin soup which gave the soup a different yet more flavorful taste. It was served hot!

korean beef stew PhP185

When we asked for their specialty, korean beef stew was recommended to us. Although we finished the entire korean beef stew, I can't give it a thumbs up sign. It doesn't taste like a korean beef stew, not anywhere near it. DH said it tasted more like adobo because of the vinegar and I couldn't agree more. The beef was easy chew though. They serve it in a shallow bowl so the content was not that much for PhP185. It's not worth the money.

pork barbecue PhP125

Their pork barbeque was also masuka at medyo mataba. But it tasted like barbecue naman.

classic french toast PhP95

The classic french toast was what we liked amongst all that we have ordered. DH specially liked how the eggs were cooked. I couldn't top that! The french toast has vanilla and cinnamon powder on top. Order this to fill you up when all the others that you have ordered fail to do so.