Choi Garden: the return of the come back!

My visit: July 19, 2009

Choi Garden Seafood & Sharksfin Restaurant
#12 Annapolis St. corner Purdue St.,
Greenhills, San Juan City
7276042 7277489

Ok, I know I gave a very bad review with this restaurant last time. But the restaurant has improved since then. Maybe nasawa na ang mga tao sa kakapila either that or nabasa nila ang aking bad review lol. There was not even a line outside when we went and dine in last Sunday. But as I passed through the numerous tables going to the toilet, I noticed that most of the tables had a reserved sign on top. Maybe because we were there a bit early for dinner, it's just 6:30pm.

lechon macau with wine PhP 350

pork with baguio bean small PhP 220

I like the pork with beans that I've ordered in Mey Lin Trinoma better. But then again Mey Lin uses msg.

1/4 roast duck PhP 380

Sa wakas, when we asked for the roast duck, it's available!

fried rice fookien style PhP 240

Since I don't want the sauce on my fried rice, we requested to have the sauce separated from it.

taho small PhP 150

And shockingly, the taho is available too that night!

call server button, not working!

The service did not improve. The call server button on the table is useless. Or is it not working? Maybe it's for display purposes only. Sad to say, with the arrangement of the tables located outside the main restaurant, it was really hard to get the waiter's attention. Besides, only one waiter is manning our area. Hay, terible! I have to get the pitcher of water myself from their station. Asking for the bill and waiting for it after signing it took a very long time. If not for the food, this restaurant would no have survived! We still leave a tip though.