Follow up: GNC

I blogged about how my bottle of vitamin E was lacking a piece when I bought one in GNC at the start of the month. To read about it, go here. It was just last July 22 when I got the opportunity to go back to the store. Apparently, they don't give you the piece that you are lacking instead I was given a PHP10 refund for the missing vitamin E. I don't feel good about it. I want my vitamin E. So, you can imagine the look on my face when the personnel handed me two PhP5 peso coins. I asked why because I remembered talking to them twice on the phone and both said I can get the vitamin E anytime. So, I was really expecting vitamin E! They didn't bother to tell me that it's gonna be a PhP10 refund. The personnel Ria, who was not in a cheery mood unlike the last time I was buying from them, told me that was the instruction given to them. The amount would be the equivalent of the one vitamin E missing. By the way, no apologies were said to me. In fact, it's as if it was me who owes them one.

2 pcs. PhP5 coins

Now, I'm thinking if I made the right choice in exchanging my Healthy Options card with their gold card. Bad decision!