Free treat from my cousin at Figaro!

My visit: July 19, 2009

Lot #1E08 Quadrant 5
City center Promenade
Taguig City

After the race, AC, my cousin, J and I went to Figaro Coffee for breakfast. And here is what we ordered:

free breakfast brewed coffee with order below

creamy scrambled egg with sausage PhP 199

My cousin loved the scrambled egg. I was not able to taste it but he gave me a slice of the sausage and it's not bad.

hot choco light PhP 95

AC's order, the Figaro Club Sandwich, does not come with a drink and she has to order her hot choco light for an additional PhP 95. J commented that the chips not being crispy. The sandwich is divided into four. Usually AC and I share our order but today, we didn't. She consumed 3 parts out of four and the remaining sandwich was eaten by my cousin. She must be starving! lol

AC's figaro club PhP 199

my free iced tea with together with order below

fillet dory with arrabiata pasta PhP 199

My order came with a free iced tea. The fillet Dory was easy to chew and the arrabiata was superb. And the serving was a heap. My order is a new addition to their menu along with chicken and pork chop. I think all came with a side salad. I love that Figaro come up with these.

Special thanks to my dear cousin, J, who treated us!