Shanghai hand- pulled noodle

My visit: July 18, 2009

Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodle
411 NS Amoranto St.,
Quezon City

It's been awhile since DH has been begging me to try and eat at this place. I am not a fan of noodles but I gave in.



steam pork dumplings PhP 55

The wrapper of the dumplings is thick I take away most of the wrapper.

chicken chow mian PhP130

Too saucy don't you think? We couldn't finish the whole bowl. But the man beside our table finished it in one gulp *exag* Pero sa dami eh naubos niya ang chow mian, grabe! Hmmm, another thing, mas matigas ang noodle ng chow mian kesa dun sa beef noodle. Is it because the chow mian noodle is thicker?

special beef noodle PhP95

Ito ang kanilang best seller... ang special beef noodle. Super hot, hot talaga ang sabaw. Malambot ang beef and it is good to share.