Home Improvement: Electric Burner

I was in SM Megamall last weekend with my family. DM was urging me to get an electric burner. In all the toilet of SM, electric burner is placed near the sink area. The aroma is pleasant. And the bulb doesn't emit heat that much as it was small.

electric burner PhP 399.75

I think this is made of clay

So, I gave in and made my purchase. I was happy because I can just plug it and put whatever aromatherapy oil on it. No more smoke smell from the candle after you put it out. And you don't have t0 worry that you left the candle burning.

eucalyptus oil PhP 379.75

I also bought this eucalyptus aromatherapy oil. DH is having a hard time breathing since he has cough and cold for the past several days. I think this help will help him breathe at night.

One last thing, for those of you who has split type air con, more often than not, using of plug in air freshener leaves your air con an awful scent upon turning on. This combination of burner and oil doesn't get stuck in your air con.

Happy shopping! Wednesday shopper at SM gets 3% rebate for HSBC credit card users.