New find: Red Mango

My visit: August 2, 2009

Red Mango
Upper Ground Floor
Megamall Building A

red mango standee

This standee will greet you upon entering the restaurant.

menu board

One of the menu board which offers organic coffee & tea, and frozen yogurt blenders.


Sleek design make up for the narrow interior.


You can add toppings on your yogurt. Just add PhP20 for 1 topping, PhP30 for 2 toppings and PhP40 for 3 toppings.

green tea yogurt medium PhP 120

Green tea yogurt is PhP5 more expensive than the plain yogurt. It was all worth it. I heart the green tea more than the plain yogurt. I think that this yogurt is creamier than fro-yo. Although my DM and DS like this better than fro-yo. Me? I like both lol

original yogurt small PhP80

What's your favorite yogurt place?