Japanese Restaurant: Suzu Kin

My visit: August 21, 2009

Suzu Kin Japanese Restaurant
A Tradition Since 1981
Unit 2 G/F, Red Maples Building
411 NS Amoranto Sr. Avenue,
Quezon City
2183077 09053494560


We were the only diners when we ate in this fairly new restaurant. It is still in soft opening phase. The restaurant has several branches in the metro. This particular restaurant is a franchise. It is brightly colored with modern wood interior. We hoped that the nice interior would equal to a nice hefty lunch. But we were disappointed.

Here are what we have ordered:


I requested several times for a free dilis before it was given to me lol I understand that it is only included in some of their set meal thus it can't be served for free. But they serve it to me anyway. Nakulitan siguro! hehe

(top) rice PhP31, atsuage PhP105
(bottom) dilis, dashimaki PhP97,

Atsuage, is more like fried tokwa than tofu. The consistency is not like the one we have eaten in Japanese restaurant. It was also the first time that I have tasted tamago, dashimaki- as they want to call it, was served quite hot actually.

salmon sushi Php165

The salmon was sliced paper thin and as you can see, the color is so pale.

california maki PhP168

I have not yet touched the california maki and the form was already breaking up. We only ate six pieces out of twelve. I decided to just take out the rest and when I opened the take out box , it's a disaster!

beef teppanyaki PhP202

The beef was puro litid. It was very hard to chew to say the least.

It was a good thing that the manager asked us about the food served. We told him about the atsuage and the beef teppanyaki. He explained that all the ingredient supplies came from the franchiser. The franchisee has no control over it. He told us that he would meet up with the franchiser and bring out our complain.

I hope that their food quality would improve. Quezon City needs a good Japanese restaurant. Most of our favorite restaurant like Nippon and Kagayaki have already closed down. DH and I need an authentic Japanese restaurant!