Japanese Restaurant: Umenoya

My visit: August 22, 2009

Umenoya japanese Restaurant
Unit 14 A & B Paseo de Sta. Rosa III
Don Jose, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

On our way to Tagaytay Highlands, we passed by Paseo de St. Rosa and decided to have lunch there. We found Umenoya at the back along with 3 or more Japanese restaurants.

We requested for a non smoking section and was quickly ushered to seat on the second floor. Since the second floor was full, we were seated in a section where the air conditioner could not reached us. An electric fan was positioned on our side. We asked to be transfered but it seems like most of the other diners were just starting their meal so we did not imposed to be seated else where.

Below is the interior of the ground floor.


Here are what we have ordered:

salmon sushi PhP56@
shime saba sushi PhP33.60@

I don't eat raw, so definitely salmon is not my order. I ate the saba though. DH insisted that it was cooked. It tasted good!

tamago sashimi PhP95.20

Love the tamago plus it's cheap!

unajyu lunch PhP442.40

We did not expect the unaji to be this big since it was part of a set menu. I was thinking that maybe I should have just cancelled my order lol

tenjyu lunch PhP235.20

The food DH and I ordered were part of a set meal which included a miso soup, side salad, and two more which I don't have a name to call it. My tempura is jumbo! They don't scrimp on their serving. I am very happy with the food.

The service though faltered at the end of our meal. We waited for more than 10 minutes for the bill to come. And decided to pay directly to the cashier as we go down. It turned out that the waitress forgot to give our order slip to the cashier.

But we were such a happy diner that day because of the food.