Canyon Cove Beach House

My visit: August 30, 31, 2009

Canyon Cove
Nasugbu, Batangas

I would like to share with you where DH and I went last weekend. It was a long weekend holiday and a spur of the moment decision to go to the beach in August. Good thing, the weather in Batangas was sunny as opposed to the occasional rain showers in Manila that weekend.

We stayed at one of the condominium/ apartment units found in the area. Although the resort offers a place to stay at their hotel, we opted to rent an apartment instead. It is cheaper and can accommodate more people.

Here are pictures to show you where we stayed:

unit facing the beach

we occupied the ground floor of this building

the master's bedroom

where DH and I slept


sink and ref

dining area

living area

Both rooms have their own toilet and bath. No water heater nga lang. Air conditioner is not centralize so you can choose your own room temperature. 6-8 extra mattress are provided although you have to bring in your own bed sheets. As with any apartment that you would rent, you have to bring your own toiletries and bath towels.

Another reason we opt to stay in an apartment than in Canyon Cove's hotel was that we can bring and cook our own food. I've read in tripadvisor that their hotel food is not that good. And I would not want to risk ruining a vacation for bad food.

Pics of the resort following this post.