Canyon Cove Resort

My visit: August 30-31, 2009

Far East Road, Piloto Wawa,
Nasugbu, Batangas
5206400 to 09


This is the beach fronting our rented apartment. You will need aqua shoes and cannot walk on the sands.

Buoys marks the short coastline with fine sands. DH and I swam along this area and not on the beach fronting our apartment. The water was not clear though and no fishes or corals were visible.

one of the two swimming pools

the second pool

The second pool albeit smaller than the swimming pool fronting the hotel gives us more room to swim because only a few guests go there for a swim. And this second pool is nearer our rented apartment.

canyon cove resort


swimming pool fronting the hotel

outdoor shower area


volleyball court

We took pictures more than we swam in the beach/ pool. I have to share with you some of those pics we took in my next post.

We had fun during our stay mostly because we have good friends who joined us. This is what I call a relaxing vacation.