Running Diary: Ayala's Eco Dash

September 13, 2009

Eco Dash
The Fort
Taguig City

It was raining really hard the night before, AC and I decided to wait until the day itself to see if we would continue to run or not.

And so, around 4am, I got a text from AC that we will not attend the fun run anymore as it was still raining. It was my DH, who woke me up at 4:30am and ask why I haven't prepared for my run. I looked outt he window and the rain stopped. Luckily, AC was still awake and we manage to get ourselves in the venue a few minutes before the race starts.

starting line

Unfortunately, the moment we arrived at the venue that's when the rain started once again. I saw runners without any jacket or cap. AC and I would like to think that we can still run because others can.

But just after a few turn, we gave up. We were soaking wet and we would not want to risk our health because of the PhP250 we paid.

AC wet look and all

me styled by DH

Photos above were taken immediately after a heavy down pour. We hid in one of the toilets lol

pic taken from our car

It's crazy, people were still running in heavy rain! I wish I had their strength and stamina.

singlet and number

But we just couldn't risk our health! I hope we can have a good weather in the next run!