Recycle: non working personal refrigerator

GE personal ref

Our GE stainless personal refrigerator gave up on us after 5 years. Yeah, that's about the expiration of the warranty the company offers for the compressor. We wanted to have the compressor fix but that would cost us almost PhP8, 000. I know, right? it's like buying a new refrigerator. So, we decided to just do away with a personal refrigerator in our bed room.

some office supplies and cookies lol

When we bought a new writing desk and gave away our old study table, we ended up with files and no place to accommodate it. DH had a light bulb moment and suggested using our non working refrigerator as cabinet to all our files.


The idea worked! Our files were neatly tucked in plus I can still store cookies and other junk inside it.

some medicines and other knick-knacks

It looks like a normal ref when closed and you are in for a surprise when opened lol

How about you have you recycled anything lately?