Coral Garden Asia's Kitchen Goddess since 1978

My visit: October 17, 2009

Coral Garden
96 Banawe St.,
Quezon City
7121078 710255

I read about this restaurant in a blog and was also recommended by a good friend of mine. And so, one Saturday night we crossed Quezon Avenue and went to the other side of Banawe where Coral Garden is located.

I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the facade and the tiny signage which bears the restaurant's name. It's not picture friendly haha

By the time that we were ready to order, people kept coming and going. Some just take out the food and other came in groups so the whole ground floor was packed. This all happened in a short span of time to think that when we entered only a table was occupied by a family.

The restaurant is not exactly pleasing to the eye. To help you see the picture, vinyl covers one wall while the opposite wall was left without one lol Maybe their branch in Libis is better in aesthetics.

Here's what we ordered:

garlic frogs' legs PhP 275

First off, I love their frog legs specially the crunchy garlic on top. Their famous crispy bean curd is simply divine. The sauce is perfect to go with it.

crispy bean curd PhP198

sizzling spareribs PhP298

 The spareribs' sauce is too tangy for my taste. The meat is tender but is not satisfying. Only a couple of meat to be found in each order. We ordered two cups of rice PhP30/cup but only one came out. I asked if they ran out because they were still cooking, the waitress said yes. She has got to be kidding right? It turned out she's not. Dinner time and they ran out of rice. Tough luck!

Lastly, we didn't expect for this restaurant to cost so much. I don't know if they put MSG in their food but DH and I were craving for more water after our dinner lol