Curry Curry House

My visit: October 13, 2009

Curry Curry House
313 Mega Atrium
3rd floor, SM Megamall


The last time I was in the Atrium SM Megamall, I did not notice this yummy japanese curry hidden at the far end of numerous restaurants. I was debating if this will be worth a try or I'll just stick to my first choice, Rack's. Good thing, DF said that we should try something different.

tarpaulin just outside the restaurant

huge menu board beside the tarp

We read the huge menu board, placed just outside the restaurant, for the food selection and to see if the prices were affordable. We finally decided to get in and gave it a try.

cute bamboo sticks

I saw this cute bamboo sticks placed inside a drinking glass along with some stones. I took one out and was surprised to see the restaurant's name on one side and the word Philippines on the other side printed on it. Uber nice!

cute coca- cola tissue holder

And that's not all, I also saw this cute Coca- Cola tissue holder on our table.

40 seater restaurant

I supposed that their restaurant concept is modern zen as no hard wood was used for the chairs and tables instead plastic chairs and laminated tables are present.

boneless chicken japanese curry PhP180

We ordered boneless chicken curry for only PhP180. It was a huge serving. We requested for a mild curry. The curry tasted so good. The sauce in itself can be eaten with rice lol Even my DM said that she never liked curry that much but she gave this a thumbs up. The downside was that it contain only one or two potato and a carrot. Signs of hard times? lol

super bento box with US beef garlic teriyaki PhP295

bottomless iced tea

The super bento box was a very good deal indeed. For only PhP295, you get a bottomless iced tea, miso soup, a cube of tofu, their own version of salad called Koji, slices of fruit and you can choose your own main dish from their menu except for the omu and US beef gyudon. I like their iced tea. It taste much like that of Wendy's. Their miso soup is filled with nori flavor. My DM liked it so did my DF. The tofu is crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. I love that their salad has thin slices of apple and the dressing is not like anything I have tasted. We chose the US beef garlic teriyaki and it was not that good. Don't get me wrong the taste was quite ok but the meat itself, although sukiyaki cut, was not tender. More than half of the slices were fat and my DF complained that it was hard to chew. Maybe we can choose a different item on their menu next time. Oh, their rice has unlimited servings too.

Funny thing was that when we requested for the bill, the waiter asked if we will settle with a credit card or cash. I asked if there was any difference. He answered that the cashier has to input my card number in the receipt if I will use a credit card. So, initially, my bill was hand written on a scratch paper. So unprofessional looking lol When I gave my credit card, that's when they printed out my bill. They would straight print my bill if I will pay in cash though. This is the very first time that I encountered such situation. I hope they could improve on their cash register software... low tech?

I will be coming back for the cheap food and their curry though! The service is fast and efficient so that's gonna be another reason to come back.

US beef garlic teriyaki
handling of bill

bottomless iced tea
unlimited rice on all entree
no service charge
free wi-fi