The Frazzled Cook

My visit: November 21, 2009

The Frazzled Cook
916 Luna Mencias St.,
Addition Hills,
Madaluyong City
7825980 7253354

When I read in Inquirer that the same chef of Fat Michael's (located in Makati) opened a restaurant in Mandaluyong, I got giddy and excited. I read about the food and the eclectic approach in design of Fat Michael's and I have always been curious. I have been wanting to go but it's just too far from our place... read- DH does not want to drive that far from our office!

Last Saturday, after asking me where to take his friend from Canada for dinner sometime this week, I blurted out "The Frazzled Cook". I told him I saw the restaurant packed with cars on a Friday night on my way to Power Plant, Rockwell to watch New Moon. DH decided that he wanted to try out the place first before bringing someone over. Maybe DH was wondering what a restaurant with a "frazzled cook" can offer.

The word 'frazzled' means worn out or exhausted. Hopefully, the meaning would not reflect on their food or else we would be very disappointed.

We were a bit early as usual for dinner but it's a good thing though because we were able to park in one of the three or four slots available inside the gate. Otherwise, I think you can park outside the gate along the street at your own risk.

Once we entered the restaurant, Pinky- the server, asked if we have reservation for the night. We don't have one ; p She was able to find us a spot beside a book shelf and handed us their menu.

happy diners

You can actually browse and read the books on display while waiting for your food to arrive. There was a bag beside where DH was seating, he asked if the bag belonged to another customer, turned out that it's part of the decor!

I talked to the owner's mom who was gracious enough to let me roam around and take photos of their restaurant.

eclectic choice of furnishings

Pictured above were the different table set up with mishmash furniture.

the bar

There were four various stool chairs found at the bar. I like the kamagong one on the right most.

floor artwork

wall artwork

They take minute details seriously, just look at the hand painted wall to floor decor, I really love it!

Hello Kitty set

When you look closely at the spoon and fork set, you would be surprised to see Hello Kitty character on it lol

house iced tea PhP100, SMB premium PhP120 & water... priceless!

I like how the bubbles on top of my iced tea does not disappear fast until the last drop of my drink. Taste more like a peach drink but I don't mind, I like it!

potato and basil chowder with prosciutto PhP 150

One order can be split into two. A must try!

herbed chicken with basil vinaigrette PhP275

The vinaigrette did not empower the salad. The chicken was delicious. The salad has mixed greens and the veggies were fresh. Tiny slices of dried mango makes the salad sweet and the croutons taste good when mixed with the dressing.

Our server was quick to take away our plates as soon as we were done eating. She changed our plate every time without requesting for it. The service is superb.

wagyu salpicao PhP510

This was our first taste of wagyu. It truly melts in your mouth. An order is good for two. I just don't like the garlic rice that goes with it. Maybe a plain rice would be a better partner.

lengua with mushrooms, corn and mashed potatoes PhP350

I like the mashed potato, I can't say the same for the lengua because I don't eat lengua lol But DH has no complain at all so maybe it's good.

strawberry shortcake PhP220

We were not able to finish this one. At the time that we were eating it, we thought it lacks flavor. The chiffon was soft and moist but the icing lacks some kick to it. I asked what's left of it to be wrapped for take out. The next day I had it for breakfast, and it actually tasted good. Maybe we were just so full the night before and we were not able to fully appreciate it or was it too much beer and iced tea? lol


There is only one toilet for both men and women but it is very spacious. I can say that I'll definitely be back to try other entree on their menu!

Below are some of the most recent, May 2011, photos from Frazzled Cook:

filet mignon PhP475

Filet Mignon means dainty or cute fillet. Most often than not it is cooked rarer than other steak.

rib eye steak PhP 925

The rib eye steak is oh so good! Worth every peso!

 scampi pasta PhP275

DH ordered this pasta. 

 banana split PhP230

coffee jelly PhP160

We ate again in this restaurant sometime in May together with my entire family. We were there to celebrate DS' birthday. 

The wagyu is chewy and not buttery soft. It was over cooked as what the waitress told us. The taste is unlike what I remembered in my first visit.Yikes! My brother even commented that it's like eating a tofu, not the Japanese smooth tofu ha

Overall, we had a good night because we spent time with family ; )