Free Gift Certificate from Confetti Spa just by reposting this blog

Confetti Spa is a home spa service located in Eastwood, Quezon City. Their mantra, A Massage To Remember, that is a massage which is more than a luxury – it is a tune up for the body, mind, and soul. Please take a moment to browse their site to learn about the treatments and services they provide. Or you can avail free gift certificate to try their service.
Okay, enough nose bleed. Eto ang dapat gawin.
1. Repost. I-repost ang buong blog na ito (yep, copy and paste) sa kahit anong blogsite na trip mo. Halimbawa: Friendster blog, Multiply blog, Facebook Notes, Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace, self-hosted sites.
2. Kailangang ilagay ang subject na: Free Gift Certificate from Confetti Spa by just reposting this blog. Kapag hindi ganyan ang subject, hindi valid ang entry. Sana po maliwanag ito.
3. Linkback. Pumunta sa at ilagay ang link ng iyong blog. Isang valid link ay isang koment.
4. I-ra-raffle ang Confetti Spa Gift Certificate sa Nov. 28, 2009.
Happy reposting!