Congo Grille... where everything comes alive!

My visit: December 15, 2009

Ground Floor, Toledo Bldg.,
277 Tomas Morato Avenue
corner Scout Limbaga Street,
Quezon City
3322193 3322194

I was invited by Stratigem and Congo Grille to sample dishes that made their restaurant stand out. I am familiar with quite a few like the grilled squid, New Zealand mussels and their ever famous Congo rice! But then I was told that it was the Pork Sisig that won in a festival in Pampanga. I am not partial to sisig because what always come to my mind is the pig's ear and other parts that I am gross out to. But apparently what Congo Grille serves is just the normal pork's meat lol And for the very first time, I was able to try it!

non smoking section

There is a separate smoking and non smoking dining area. A function room big enough for 40-50 people is also available. The restaurant can set up a buffet or a sit down menu depending on your requirement.

Nestle Iced Tea tower PhP220

One tower serves four to five glasses.

cheese sticks


bagoong rice PhP125

Congo rice PhP180

I like their Congo rice. What makes the rice black is the squid ink. As far as I know, no other restaurant serves this. You got to try it!

New Zealand 3 way mussels PhP270

I love mussels and this order did not disappoint. This was not originally included in what they intend to serve us. This was requested by me lol

grilled squid PhP320

stuffed squid 500g PhP320

I usually ordered their grilled squid when dining in their restaurant but when I tasted their stuffed squid, I can say that the stuffed squid would definitely be on my list when I order on my next visit. The cheese added a unique taste to the stuffed squid. Yes, those yellow cubes you see on the picture above are the cheese!

kare kare PhP240

An order of Kare Kare is really worth your money because they didn't scrimp on the beef. Plus the meat was tender too! Oh, I love their bagoong that goes with the Kare Kare.

tuna belly PhP300

tuna sisig PhP170

pork sisig PhP175

Now I know why their pork sisig won! The pork sisig was crunchy and delicious. Now that I got to try it. It's your turn and tell me about it.

After the sumptuous feast, I thought that was it but there's more! If I had known, I would have open more room for desserts. It's my favorite part of the meal lol

Congo mango PhP85

At first I thought that this dessert is going to be crunchy with the use of graham cracker but it's not. It's creamy and even though I was quite full, I was able to finish a plateful. Plus, mango does the trick!

frozen maki PhP120

Don't let the appearance fool you. It's actually vanilla ice cream with mango bits wrapped in a frozen chocolate crepe with chocolate syrup. Whew! That was kind of a long description for a dessert lol

It was an overall fun dining experience!