Home Improvement: Keystone Lamps & Shades, Inc.

78 Dona Hemady Avenue
corner 11th Street, New Manila,
Quezon City
7246847 7226691

I found another treasure, this is the third one, from my parent's collectibles. A 3-piece brass candle holder set from Keystone. It was already tucked away in the cupboard. I only realized we have one of these candle holders when I saw that numerous candle holders on display right now in the malls. And so I wondered what happened to our very own set of three lol

 old brass

Now, what to do with it? With the tarnished brass, I couldn't possibly display it on my console table and brass is kind of screaming oooold, right? Good thing, Keystone restores their products. So, I brought it last Saturday for change of color and restoration. I want bright red lol I brought my red colored picture frame with me. I told Jane, the sales representative, that I want it in the exact color... Christmassy red!

color inspiration

For just PhP800 a piece, I have a new 3-piece set of candle holder in red! How's that for a bargain haha For those of you who want to know, a brand new set could cost over PhP8,000 and I got mine restored for only PhP2,400 ;p

my vintage candle holder, nice isn't it?

I'm so happy with the service of Keystone that I want to share it with you guys. I will have a more permanent place for my candle holder after the holiday season and I'll post the picture soon after!