New find: Mighty Bond Instant Glue 1g

I was at Metro Supermarket yesterday and asked for Mighty Bond to glue a broken Sto. Nino. When asked about the size, it turned out that a new smaller size of 1 gram was available. No questions about it, I bought two of these 1 gram Mighty Bond as I seldom see it in other shops or malls.

new 1g packaging PhP21; 3g packaging PhP44

The new 1 gram of Mighty Bond is practical and economical. I used to buy the 3 grams but I was not able to use it all up because it dries up quickly and the non clog nozzle simply is just useless. After the second use, you cannot possibly put the cap back on.

I am happy with this new find. It costs just half the price and I might be able to use it all up.