Christmas Party 2009 #4 USTe barkada!

Since I don't know much about driving directions, napilitan silang dalawa na i meet ako sa Il Terrazzo. BR even came from as far as Las Pinas just to meet up with us. She travelled and braved a two hour traffic... atta gurl!

JJ, me and BR

JJ suggested Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes and although I don't like the restaurant that much, I agreed. It's the company of these two that I missed the most anyway.

Il Terrazo

We had a really long lunch lol I think the table beside us changed customers two or three times. We took the cue when the server politely took our plates and cleaned up our table. But we ordered far more than what the other tables ordered haha We had huge appetite as you can see in the picture lol

It was fun! I hope this could be a yearly gathering for the three of us.