Phiten Diary: two weeks and counting

two brown Phiten tape

Remember the above photo with two patches of Phiten tape?

rashes at my back

I took off the tape after three days and got rashes on my back.

red marks the spot
And on part of my leg.

It was on day 6 that I took off the tape and saw the rashes. OMG and my DS told me even before I put it on that the tape can be easily removed. Right, I had no problem removing the tape but I have develop some sort of rashes on two out of the eight tapes that I put on. But the rashes, eventually, was gone after two days.

On the first two nights of wearing my Phiten Rakuwa Baseball sliding necklace, I noticed that I am in a deep slumber and this would continue up to this day. An example, just earlier today after breakfast, DH complained about the fireworks of our neighbor which lasted until the wee hours of the morning. It's pretty unusual for me not to hear and wake up in the middle of the night especially with that kind of noise but I slept well lol

Sad to say, I still needed the 3 hour massage to loosen the pain on my back near the neck area. I can still feel the stiffness of my back with the necklace and tape combined. And yes, I only remove my necklace when I go take a bath.

With the price I paid for the Phiten necklace, I am still willing to give it a try for at least a month. I will be reporting back after two weeks. Chica!