Umenoya Japanese Restaurant

My visit: December 28, 2009

Umenoya Japanese Restaurant
Unit 14 A & B Paseo de Staa. Rosa III
Don Jose, St. Rosa City, Laguna

It's our second time to dine in this restaurant. After our 2 day vacation in Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort, My family and I went to have our lunch here before we headed home.

(l-r) Ikura PhP 67.20, salmon PhP224 (4pcs.) & Saba PhP134.40 (4pcs.)

tamago sashimi PhP95.20

Gyoza PhP128.80

Ten- ju lunch PhP235.20

Chirashi lunch PhP 246.40

Yakiniku lunch PhP235.20

Unaju lunch PhP442.40

Quality wise, they have not changed! Always good food and the price is so cheap! Save for the Yakiniku lunch. I took a piece of the beef and I find it hard to chew. I will make a mental note not to order it next time. For my restaurant review, click here. Chow!

This was ordered the last time we were there. I forgot the name... sorry! But it is delicious according to DH!