Nomnomnom... happy food?!?

My visit: July 11, 2009

1 Tomas Morato corner
E. Rodriguez,
Quezon City


AC and I would like to try Nomnomom since she saw it being featured I think in a TV show. AC has since found work and Nomnomnom was put behind us but not for long.

When DH and I went home early one Saturday afternoon from work, we decided to try this restaurant. Initially, it was Sabroso lechon that we want to try which is in the same building. It was highly recommended by my BFF. But we decided against it because they only offer lechon and nothing more on their menu.

sabroso lechon

Don't hate us, we wanted variety that day. Ok, maybe next time then. And so, we move on and bought pandesal and mamon in Pandelites. I was not able to take a picture of the store. I was starving lol

special of the day

non air conditioned area

Upon entering, I noticed the two electric fans in the middle of the room and I said to my bratty self "What the... no air con?" Buti nalang, me area sila behind the curtain na air conditioned pero di kalamigan kung puno na ng tao ang room. Maybe because luma na ang air con nila.

sleeping area?

I saw this cushion foam on the floor and asked the waiter if there were customers who really use this. Para kasing ang dumi hehe Hindi pleasing kung dyan ka kakain. lol

air conditioned area

Mas mabuting sa lamesa at upuan ka nalang kumain, huwag mo ng i-wish na sa papag kumain lol I texted AC to come and join us in nomnomnom. I knew she would love it.

wall design

Cute ng picture frames nila noh?

This is what we have ordered:

four play PhP 160

Four Play consist of pita chips with hommus, salsa, mottabal and roasted garlic. The roasted garlic is badly toasted but the rest of the dips are a ok.

vst (very succulent tomatoes) PhP160

The VST is juicy. It comprises of 3 tomatoes. Inside is spinach, shitake & button mushrooms and three cheeses. The menu says that balsamic vinegar will be used but we were informed that at the moment they substitute it with red wine and we agreed. No problem.

hmmm juicy
The appetizers were really good. For the main dish, hmmm, that's another story.

lemon butter fish with side salad PhP150

I was not able to finish my order. I gave half of it to AC. DH sampled some of it. But it's not my favorite. I ate the side salad though.

lime chicken with alfredo sauce PhP150

DH did not even finished his rice. And I know he just ate the chicken for the purpose of not getting hungry for his basketball game that night. And before I forget, AC's order did not come out. It was billed to us but the food did not come out. Buti nalang I was quick enough to see it billed to us.

I think they ought to add waiters, napuna ko kasi when it's full house already, nalilito na un server kasi mag isa lang siya. We asked for water several times bago ito dumating. Un waiter hindi un tubig ah. Mag antay ka muna ulit para sa pagdating ng tubig mo lol

So, are we happy when we dine there? pwede ba hap hap? kalahati masaya because of the appetizers and kalahati hindi masaya lol

Spring Deer

My visit: July 26, 2009

Spring Deer Restaurant
31 Timog Ave. corner Scout Tobias St.,
Quezon City

If you are any of my closest friends, relatives or family member, you should know that my favorite dish is sweet and sour pork. So, when my DB told my family and I about this restaurant in Timog Ave. his selling point was that the restaurant served good sweet and sour pork. Well, I am terribly disappointed. Not only did I see a small crawling cockroach on its wall but the sweet and sour pork is the worst that I've tasted. Chowking's sweet and sour pork is way better plus it doesn't smell.

Here's what we've ordered:

spinach soup

This is my DS's order, good thing, they serve the soup per cup so you don't have to be obligated to order a whole bowl of soup. I am not a soup lover. DS has no complain with her soup so maybe the taste was OK.

assorted cold cuts

taosi clams

yang chow fried rice

sweet and sour pork

This is one sweet and sour pork picture that can be deceiving. Although it looks nice on my camera, it tasted bad and the smell, hmmm I dunno but definitely I will never going to go back to this restaurant because it murdered my sweet and sour pork haha

Promo: David & Goliath

Don Henrico's

My visit: July 27, 2009

2/f Connecticut Arcade
Greenhills, San Juan

I miss the Don Henrico's in Tomas Morato. Good thing that they opened a branch in Greenhills Shopping Center.

Here's what we've ordered:

fettuccini alfredo PhP220

Masarap naman kaso pasta is not my thing talaga. This is DH's order. Pampa alis daw ng umay . Masyadong malasa ang chicken according to him. translation: ma sauce... which is what I like.

buffalo wings PhP560

Eto na, eto na ang aking favorite lol As you can see, me additional barbecue sauce on the side pa ako ha! The chicken parts are big. Sinu kaya ang supplier ng chicken nila? lol I like the combnation of the barbq sauce and the sour cream. Ang sarap!

Kayo din, if you miss Don Henrico's, go to Greenhills na!

Mann Hann: Buko Sherbet

buko sherbet PhP 80

Me lamang ice that that melts in your mouth. Meron ding nata, sago at siempre buko, ang sarap! Promise!
I sooo miss this! Kaso I'm watching my weight. Pwede siguro kung me kahati ako... you want?!

David's Tea House

My visit: July 25, 2009

David's Tea House
U/G CCTM Square
Tomas Morato,
Quezon City
385304 4411491

This was probably our second time to eat in this particular branch. Mainly because whenever we were in CCTM Square, we would end up eating in Meylin Pot and Noodle House on the second floor. The day we went, Meylin was still close. It was 5:30pm. I think the only restaurants that were open were David's and Gloria Jeans. We opted for the former.


The interior is brightly lit and I think there is a second floor dining area too.

Here is what we ordered:

pork asado pao PhP70

Medyo mataba ang asado nila. Causeway pa din ako!

fish fillet beancurd in pot PhP300

Must order ito ang dami eh and masarap siya in fairness.

4 season string beans with minced pork PhP198

Sa string beans, Meylin pa din ako walang tatalo. Napuna niyo ba na mahilig kaming mag order ng string beans. It's actually the favorite of my DH, nahawa lang ako lol

salt and pepper eel PhP300

This one is a special order na wala sa kanilang menu. Nagkataon lang na meron ito that day. DH saw on their white board that there was an eel that was available for order. We asked what is "snp" written beside the eel. It turned out that it was salt and pepper. We ordered one and it was good and an order is aplenty. It's worth your moolah. We got to take home a lot of left overs.

An order of rice is PhP35 and Soya Milk is PhP35. There is also a free basement parking. And they also deliver.

Serenitea... natural secret for healthier life!

My visit: July 28, 2009

1F GNL building
Jose Abad Santos,
Little Baguio,
San Juan

menu board



loyaltea card

Pearl Milk tea large PhP80

Finally, ayon sa kanilang flier eh sila ang first tea espresso in town. Di tulad ng Ersao na ready made na ang tea, dito, upon order, tsaka palang nila gagwin ang tea mo using tea espresso. And you get to choose the sugar level that you want. Before sealing the cup, they would let you sample the drink if it's the right sweetness for you. Ang galing... di ba? Medyo mahal nga lang at PhP80 ang isang order pero ok na din kasi malaki naman pwede ng to share ang one order. Un sago nga lang medyo mas maliit compared sa Ersao at Zagu pero malambot naman.

Medyo masikip nga lang ang lugar. Konti ang seating capacity but they deliver naman so you can enjoy your tea in the comforts of your own home.

It's very worth your visit so you should try and be more daring in choosing other flavors kasi boring talaga ako gusto ko lang Nai Cha, bakit ba?

The Tofu Store

My visit: July 28, 2009

The Tofu Store
Unit 5 Citiplace Bldg.,
8001 Jose Abad Santos St.,
Little Baguio, San Juan

Looking for a store to buy your taho, soya milk, tokwa and tofu? The Tofu Store is your answer. The store mainly sells these product. The taho is made and cook right there. I love their taho which they sell for only PhP22 per 12 oz. cup. If you have a container, taho sells for only PhP70/kilo, you can just add PhP10 if you don't have a container. They don't have sago though.

Tofu sells for only PhP40-5 and tokwa for PhP20. Tofu chips ad breadsticks are PhP25 only.

1 liter soya milk PhP55

I love the soya milk. It has no preservatives and must be put in the refrigerator right away. For tofu lovers, it's a must place to go to!

Korean Ice Cream: Excellent

What a way to name your ice cream... Excellent! I love this ice cream. DH and I bought this when we had dinner at Hanobe. A pack costs about PhP250 if I remember it right. Inside are 18 small rectangular ice cream individually wrapped in a foil. There are French Vanilla and Vanilla flavors to choose from.

18 individually wrapped ice cream

oh so good ice cream

Taken away from the fridge, you have to eat it fast or it melts right then and there.

Precious lounging on our table

Well, this picture was taken when we have not yet collected all the clutter. The desk is much more minimalist now. Precious can now stay on top of the desk and move around unlike in our old study desk.

she is always camera ready

look how cute she is here!

she can even take flash and not blink!

look at her eyes towards the camera

I'll post some more pictures of Precious, our beloved dog who thinks she is human and a cam whore like her mistress.