Cleaning out my closet

I  took this before shot of my half empty closet. Most of my stuff that I removed were placed on top of my bed.


I usually clean out my closet two to three times a year. More, if I have the time- if I don't spend so much time on the computer- BLOGGING!

Since I have more bags now than shoes, I mixed the bag and shoes into one holder. Those white storage on the left carries my bath robes and thick jackets.

From left, my pants, polos, long sleeved blouse and dresses. I know, right? Pretty cramp, you say. My t- shirts and other blouses are not in this cabinet. I can use another cabinet but I don't have space anymore. I let go of my knee high boots and a mango handbag. This time I let go of only two things, some of the blouses are quite nice and I am not yet ready to let go. Maybe next time. Apparently, the unspoken rule is to let go of the things/ clothes in your cabinet if you don't use it for more than six months.

wooden hangers

I use wooden hangers for all my clothes. I use this type of hangers for blouses and dresses.

I use this type of wooden hanger for my pants.

There are many benefits of using a wooden hanger. I use it because the clothes last longer. A wire hanger is a no no especially if your clothes are made of fine material. Wire hangers cannot also be used for coats because the structure bends easily. A wooden hanger lasts longer and does not bend. Another thing is wooden hanger fits the unique curve of your suit. Lastly, a wooden hanger adds style and sophistication to your closet.

bag from Middle East

I got this as a present from a good friend of mine, CL, when she went on tour a few years back. I found this at the back of my closet. I am planning to bring it with me whenever I go the office on weekends. I will put all the newspaper containing the Sudoku puzzle inside this bag. Can't wait till Saturday!