Laptop: universal adapter with safety switch

Have you experience spark when you plug the laptop adaptor directly to the power outlet? I experienced it every time. What I did so as not to surge huge amount of electricity directly on my macbook, is I plug the macbook adapter first to the outlet then to my macbook. The adapter still sparks but I believe it will not be harming my macbook as the other end is not yet connected.

Tokina brand model TP-688S PhP49.75

But I found a better solution, I bought this universal adapter with safety switch for only PhP 49.75 at Ace Hardware in SM Megamall. Be sure to switch it to "off" position first before plugging into the electrical outlet. Connect the macbook adapter on one end to your laptop then plug the other end to the universal adapter before switching the safety switch on. I have not experienced any spark after that!

Hope this tip helped!

UPDATE: I changed brands... I switched to OMNI.