Christmas Dinner in Gulliver's of San Francisco in Quezon City

December 21, 2012

Gulliver's of San Francisco in Quezon City
8th floor, Great Eastern Hotel West Wing
1403 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
3713801 3718282

Hello! First, let me greet you a very Merry Christmas! I have not forgotten you, nor my blog. It's just that I have been very busy for the past couple of days because I am finalizing the itinerary for my year end trip to Osaka, Japan with DH. One more day and we are flying to the Land of the Rising Sun. I am so excited!!! It's going to be another winter holiday!

 table setting in Gulliver's of San Francisco in Quezon City

When my friends and I have finally decided to have our Christmas dinner over at Gulliver's, I called, made a reservation and requested for a table with a view ; p

We arrived on time despite the heavy traffic building along Quezon Ave. - the curse of December. The parking area (3rd to 7th floor) was almost full. We were not really expecting Great Eastern Hotel to be full on the night of December 21, 2012. The day that was marked as "Doomsday". I guess nobody wanted to die with an empty stomach ; )

 free bread & butter

I know from the blog posts I have read that Gulliver's serves free bread & butter. Since DH was really hungry already, I requested for it the second we were assisted to our "table with a view". The view was not really fantastic, you can see the dreaded heavy traffic along Quezon Ave. ; p By the way, the area where we were seated was not reached by the air conditioner. It reminded me of our dinner two months ago at Greeka Kouzina which was worse- the air conditioners (yes, there several) were not turned on.  I try not to kick myself for insisting a "table with a view" hahaha

 Crispy Almond Duck PhP 200

These are eight pieces of ground duck meat shaped into cubes with shaved almond on top. The sauce tastes like Chinese plum sauce. I think I had 2 or 3 servings ; )

 Gulliver's Salad PhP 195

I love fresh green veggies! The serving was not big but all five of us were able to share one order of salad.

It has generous serving of shrimps, button mushrooms, egg & tomato slices on top of special Gulliver's salad dressing.

 French Onion Soup PhP 185

It was DH who ordered a bowl French Onion Soup but I get to take a few sips from his bowl. It was hot so be very careful. Before taking a sip, try to blow it several times. I love the creamy cheese on top. 

 Clam Chowder bowl split into two PhP 140

Eric and Gevi split a bowl of Clam Chowder. Gevi claimed she has tasted far better versions of Clam Chowder. She added that this order tasted just like the one she ordered in S&R fast food counter.

Also available in a cup for only PhP 90. 

 End Cut PhP 890

There are only two end cuts so be sure to pre-order one or pray that there's one left for you, just like what DH did hahaha

The meat is tastier and more peppery than the other parts available.

 Chicken Parmigian PhP 280

This is Eric's order and I have no idea what it tastes like ; p

Description on the menu:

Served with Marinara Sauce and Topped with Provolone Cheese

 Gulliver's Cut PhP 890

End Cuts and Gulliver's Cut are served with Yorkshire pudding, spinach souffle, baked potato and creamed corn. Other Roast Prime Ribs of Beef cut available are Petite (PhP 680) and Full Bone (PhP 1,180).
Grilled Lamb Chop PhP 600

Saving the best for last! Gevi and I both love lamb chops. We order it every time we saw one on the menu. Gevi calls Gulliver's Lamb Chops as "pangtawid gutom" because so far, the best lamb chops  we have ever tasted was the one from a French restaurant named La Reserve in Boracay.

Lamb Chops are served with fresh vegetables with a choice of roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes or steamed rice and creamed corn.

 Creamed Corn

We would have ordered desserts but the heat was unbearable. Next time, I will be back for the desserts and more end cuts ; p

 Just for fun, us girls showing the rings we got as Christmas present from Gevi... thanks!

Because we can't stand the heat where we were located, we decided to change venue. We ended up in Pink Guava along Quezon Avenue.

 Pink Guava's Guava Lychee (L) PhP 120 & Thai Iced Tea (M) PhP 100

 our group of five

Pink Guava 
1472 Quezon Ave.
South Triangle, Quezon City

As usual, we went home with full tummies and madaming baong kwento ; p Till our next dinner date!

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