New Find: Fu Chi Dumpling

My visit: January 30, 2010

Fu Chi Dumpling
Banawe, Quezon City

This is a small eatery where the owners themselves make the delicious dumplings and its sauce! You can see the food that you order being cook through the glass windows dividing the dining area and the kitchen area.

On the day that I went there, a family of Taiwanese was dining and I heard of a phone in order of 25 pieces Kwapao to be picked up at 4pm. DH already told and raved about their Kwapao. Too bad, I was not able to taste it. We went a bit earlier than their opening time which is at 11am. And they are still preparing/ cooking stuff like the vegetable side dishes. The delivery of the bread they use for Kwapao has not arrived yet.

DH ordered tofu PhP60. I like my tofu to be smooth and custard like. And this is not it. It's more like the local version of tofu- tokwa.

pork humba PhP120

I can easily finish this order because I like how the pork humba tastes not too sweet and not too salty because of too much soy sauce. The pork is very tender. What I can only complain about is that the serving is a tad too small ;p But its only PhP120 an order so I don't have the right to complain, right?

steam dumpling 15pcs. PhP90

The skin of the dumplings are quite thick! But the sauce, that's what I like. Reminds me of the dumpling sauce we had during our numerous trips to Taipei.

soup PhP40

Soup is not on the menu. I had to order it since they don't give away free soup. I shouldn't have because without the noodles and the beef that goes with it, the soup is salty especially if its not hot anymore.

I would like to go back and try their Kwapao...