Shampoo: Suave Clarifying

Clarifying shampoos are not often seen in grocery shelves so when I saw one earlier this week, I grab and bought it. I read somewhere that we need to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to rid of shampoo residue and for you to be able to have a break with your normal shampoo that you use. Ever experience using your everyday, regular shampoo continuously and it seems not to be working like the first time you used it. Now, here is where the clarifying shampoo kicks in. I used it once last week and I will be using it next week and see how my hair will progress.

Suave Clarifying Shampoo PhP139.75

These shampoos, facial wash, body wash and conditioner are what I have right now on my stainless steel shower rack. See the two Swallow brand small bottles of shampoos in the middle front I am trying it right now- that's why the small size. I always opt for smaller bottles when trying out shampoos. But unlike local brands, imported brands like Suave don't carry a small bottle of their shampoo line. It sucks right? You have to buy a big bottle only to find out that the shampoo doesn't work for you. Well, hopefully, everything goes well with this brand or I will shift to another brand again!