New Find: Celsius Gastrolounge

My visit: February 14, 2010

Celcius Gastrolounge
67 Scout Rallos St.
cor. Tomas Morato,
Quezon City

I was kidding DH as we entered an empty restaurant, except for the staffs and chef of course, around 11:30am on a Valentines day. I said to him "So, you reserved the whole place for our Valentines date, huh?" lol And we both laugh. That's the reason why I was able to get a picture of the restaurant's interior without any obstruction. But it did have a couple of diners- families and lovers, as we wrapped up our lunch date around 2pm.

my Valentines day look


I wonder why they made this side of the wall see through the furniture area next door. They could have opted for a mirrored window. Or better yet, copy the design on the other side of the wall, pictured below. I later learned from a staff that this restaurant is renting space from the furniture store. But I still don't get the design. It lacks character.

I like this red wall, as opposed to the one on the opposite side, better. It is more apt for this fine dining restaurant. The wall color gives an elegant ambiance and made the furniture and table setting stand out.

what's on our table

roti canai PhP329

Ordering a roti canai here is quite expensive at PhP329. Roti Canai is a fried thin flatbread with curry sauce. Mixing the salsa with the curry sauce gives an added kick to it. But if ever I feel like another order of roti canai, I will opt to order it in Hossein's. It is cheaper and the taste is quite the same.

New England clam chowder and soda crackers PhP189

It's a classic from Boston- that's how they described this soup. From what I remembered from my Boston trip, the soup there was thicker. The cracker made the soup a bit salty but I was able to finished it. Since we requested to split the soup, it turned out that most, if not all the seafood were in my bowl lol That's why DH kept telling me na "walang laman itong soup!" ;p

sesame coated prawns and lemongrass aioli PhP249; alfafa sprouts on top 

Can anybody help me look and see what the white thingy on top called? I asked our server but she didn't know either. She sort of blurted out calling it "alpha/alfa" but was not really sure. I told her to "alamin mo next time ha" Of course, I said it with a smile.
Okay readers, according to the first two comments that came in, it's alfafa sprouts. Thanks babyjourney and jerellt for the name of the thingy lol

The description on the menu: Deep fried sesame prawn with pineapple carpaccio and mesclun greens dressed in sake flavored daladan vinaigrette.

For non foodies out there who are lost in translation, let me dissect what the words mean:

aioli- mayonnaise seasoned with garlic.
carpaccio- an Italian hors d'oeuvre consisting of thin slices raw beef or fish served with a sauce.
mesclun- a salad made from a selection of lettuces with other edible leaves such as dandelion greens, mustard greens, and radicchio.

Celsius pork duo PhP435

Brace yourself for this hearty treat! Its a mix of Indonesian braised liempo and Southwestern Barbeque back ribs! Served over kanislaw.

With the thick slices of liempo, I didn't dare taste or touch it lol But who am I to shy away from my favorite baby back ribs. I love their fall off the bone ribs! The sauce is a delight!

grilled bistro steak PhP435

Marinated hanging beef tender grilled to your liking with teriyaki- ponzu glaze, grilled mushrooms, kamote fries and sauteed asparagus.

At first glance, I thought my beef was still bleeding lol But it's not! I loved it! I especially liked their mushrooms although I find one kind, there were more than one, a bit salty!

Our main entrees were, for lack of better adjective, superb!

our free chow mien

They were having a promo that day. A free chow mien for a minimum purchase of PhP1, 500.
We took this home. I ate it today and it still tasted good even though I just put it in our microwave oven.

frozen star anise souffle with banana fritters vanilla sauce PhP199

It looks good on the menu even in my picture but the taste was blah! Nothing special as if I am just eating whipped cream lol Don't let me start with the banana fritters. DH was mad because its fried and lacking in taste. I was first intrigued with the star anise souffle that's why I ordered this. But I didn't smell or taste any star anise in this dessert. A waste of your PhP200!

A few hits and misses with this restaurant so this is a mix review. I can't say I don't like it and I can't say that I like it 100%. Btw, it's a first to see in a restaurant that have only one standard price per category. Appetizer priced at PhP329, soup at PhP189, salad at PhP249, entree at PhP435 and dessert at PhP199.

Enjoy the food shots!