Blogger Event: Cantonese Soup Kitchen

I gave a fairly good review on Cantonese Soup Kitchen when I dined here with my DH last month.  And so when I received an invite to this restaurant over a week ago, I couldn't say no. I miss the good food!

Good food had to be paired with a good fruit shake! A fellow foodie blogger ordered yogurt with mango shake while I ordered pear with apple shake.

l-r yohgurt (sic) with mango PhP85; pear with apple shake PhP65

I didn't know that I could pair apple with pear. I liked how they blended well. As for the yogurt shake that my friend ordered, when I asked how it was, he was not impressed to say the least. Now, if you want to have a yogurt, maybe you can head to Red Mango instead. 

a glass of flower tea PhP60

If you are in CSK, opt for the assortment of tea available and not the house tea! I tell you what... try the flower tea. At first, the tea looks like a ball of leaves and herbs. Served at the bottom of the glass, when hot water is poured in, the ball of leaves and herbs will rise up and it will slowly go down again. Once it reaches the bottom of the glass, you will see a red colored flower that will bloom before your eyes. I tried capturing everything in video but the entire process took around three to four minutes haha My hands got shaky and tired, there I said it. I hope that the picture is enough. If not, try to visit the restaurant and be ready to be amazed! The process is really beautiful!

Remember how I love pearl milk tea? Well, this is the answer if you want a hot tea instead. This tea gives the aroma of milk.

sibut with duck soup PhP199

I like this appetizer because of the shrimp minus the sauce/ mayo- too overwhelming if you ask me! I brushed the mayo aside and I had to request for my plate to be changed because of too much mayo on it.

spring rolls

This appetizer is good! It's packed with meat and the sauce gives and added kick into it! *spicy*

seafood fried rice PhP190

I can see a little difference with the two rice except that yang chow fried rice has Chinese chorizo/ sausage. So, if I were you, I would order the yang chow fried rice and save PhP20 lol

steamed fish fillet with japanese tofu PhP230

spinach with two kinds of egg in hotpot PhP200

sliced beef kenchi PhP240

Garlic burst spareribs PhP190 contained not much meat and a bit hard to eat- you got to use your hands lol but I will give this another try because it tasted good.

almond fish gelatin PhP80

A must order is their buchi which was served still warm! The almond fish gelatin is another dessert that you must order. I think I can finish one order but I have to save some for the other bloggers lol

According to the owner, a new and bigger CSK will be opening soon on April 15, 2010! Watch out for it.

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