New Find: Cantonese Soup Kitchen

Cantonese Soup Kitchen
Unit C 847 Banawe St.
cor Linao Street,
Quezon city

I was shying away from this restaurant for quite sometime even though DH kept on egging me to try it out. The reason was mainly because I am not a soup person. There I said it! But all that changed when our DBIL and DSIL, who are both foodies and often scout for new restaurants in Banawe area, told us that the restaurant not only serve soup but other entree as well. On top of that, sweet and sour pork is on the menu. My DSIL had me on sweet and sour pork lol When they told us about CSK, I think that was Thursday, DH and I had to try it not the very next day but on a Saturday haha If you have been reading my blog, you would have known by now that I go to work with DH on Saturdays and we usually had our lunch around that area.

The huge picture was what caught my eyes upon entering this two- floor restaurant. This restaurant can handle approximately 40- 50 seating capacity. Upon seating, I noticed that there was a group seating beside us waiting for their orders to come out and the rest of the people were either picking up their phone in order or having their orders to go.

Stairs on the left leads to the second floor dining area. At the end of the room is the toilet. The waiters were quite attentive but the kitchen was a bit slow. It took us two follow up calls before our orders came out. But it didn't come in succession. The dim sum came out on the latter part. The food pictures below show how our orders came out.

sweet and sour pork rice topping PhP115

Their sweet and sour pork tasted and looked like Ling Nam's. A generous rice serving underneath the sweet and sour pork. I'll make a mental note to request the rice to be separated on my next visit. The order came with an iced tea and a clear soup. Ain't that cheap!

fresh pair with lemon blend PhP65

It's a pear shake with a hint of lemon! A nice drink concoction for the summer!

chicken with wintermelon and ham soup PhP150

Encased in a coconut, this soup consist of slices of chicken and ham. DH said it tasted salty. I think the culprit can be the ham. But that is just me saying! Although I didn't find it salty at all. In fact, I like how it tasted.

taipao PhP43

On regular days, an order of taosi spareribs dimsum is PhP65 while the tai pao is at PhP80. Good thing,  these two orders were part of their PhP43 promo that day. Promotional dimsum changes each day.

jumbo siopao PhP75

steamed fish fillet with japanese tofu PhP220

I have written in my last blog about tokwa being served as tofu. And that I like my tofu custard like and smooth. I got it all in this order. I love the tofu here! Price is irrelevant for this order as long as I got my tofu lol Not in the picture is taosi spareribs at PhP43.

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