Blogger Event: Ya Kun Kaya Toast Coffeestall since 1944

My event: March 29, 2010

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
G/F FERN Bldg., 
(right beside Astoria Plaza)
Escriva Drive cor.
General Araneta St., 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Since I have not been to Singapore, I didn't know that Ya Kun Kaya Toast is such a big hit in that country! Good thing, I don't have to fly to Singapore to taste the famous Kaya toast. Singapore's favorite coffee chain is now here! Opened just last December 10, 2009, Ya Kun Kaya has been visited by several bloggers already and some have even become loyal customers!

I was fortunate enough to be invited today by the owner of Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Richard Benson Co, to try out their delicious Kaya toast!

I dreaded that parking would be a problem since the location is in Ortigas Center but its not. There are a total of six parking spaces fronting the cafe. Customers from various offices in adjacent buildings usually walks in and take their orders to go. And they offer delivery too!

The small cafe matches the no-nonsense personality of the owner. There are several table outside for smokers. While outside is hot and humid, you can chill and relax inside browsing the internet. The cafe offers free wi-fi. 

Ya Kun Kaya Toast even adapted a menu for local consumption. Their set menu comprises of half and full set. The half set includes 1 slice of bread and 1 soft-boiled egg with hot coffee or tea while their full menu includes 2 slices of bread and 2 soft boiled eggs with your choice of hot coffee or tea.

I have requested for a demo on how their coffee/ tea is prepared- tarik (pulling).

Here's what my BFF, GT, had:

coffee PhP60

Brewed coffee with condense milk. I love the froth in the picture lol

kaya toast with butter PhP115 half/ PhP150 full

Crisp, according to the description of the owner, is the adjective for their Kaya toast.  I tasted a slice and it's true, there was crispiness in every bite. GT loved this order so much that she ate all three remaining slices haha Caramel brown colored bread was used to achieve a distinct taste when partnered with Kaya- a mix of coconut, sugar, egg and pandan.

Here's what I ate:

iced lemon tea PhP75

The taste is comparable with Wendy's classic iced tea minus the sweetness. 

cheezy french toast with Kaya PhP150

I like this better than the Kaya toast. Mainly because I have my own Kaya jam to spread on my soft cheesy bread. Delicious!

french toast with kaya PhP140

A classic! A slice french toast divided and cut into 8. Perfect for people who don't want to mess with their hands.

GT and I each have soft- boiled egg, poached inside the shell, with Singaporean dark soy sauce. You would not find this in any other Kaya place in town.

You wouldn't think that we would leave the place without a take out, huh? GT got a Frostea PhP90, not in the picture. She liked it because it tasted like nai cha (milk tea). 

frosfee PhP90

I took home a cup of frosfee, coffee mixed with Milo. Yes, the chocolate drink. I think, the drink tasted more chocolatey than it should. It reminded me of Nestle's Chuckie, frappe lol Btw, both frost drinks are mixed with Milo.

My  BFF has sworn to come back for more Kaya toast and has already started a text brigade to her in laws and her DH too lol  

While I, on the other hand, wished that they would open a branch somewhere in Banawe so I could easily drop by anytime I crave for a slice of cheezy french toast with Kaya.