New Find: Bistro Miyake Restobar

My visit: February 27, 2010

Bistro Miyake Restobar
#33 Annapolis St., Greenhills
Unit 101, Intrawest Building
San Juan City
7219793   44849339

The interior of the bistro is modern Japanese. The place is well lighted and the ambiance is great for a 
romantic dinner or a tete-a-tete with friends. It has one function room that can accommodate  up to 10 person with no minimum cover charge. The pleasant commentary ends here.

The function room was tucked at the back of the restaurant and because of that we can hardly call the attention of the waiters and follow up on our orders. 

tuna sashimi PhP165

   salmon nigiri PhP215

ebi nigiri PhP235

tamago sahimi PhP125

The tamago was drowning in sugar. 

california roll PhP185

izumi nigiri PhP225

The first couple of orders came out within a few minutes from each other. My steak with tempura came out less than 15 minutes after I ordered which I thought at first as a good sign. But some sushi and main entree came out last and this was after numerous follow up from different waiting staffs. The sushi/ sashimi were quite expensive too .

kani salad PhP135

The kani salad was swimming in Japanese mayo. It was not good if you are on a diet. It was so overwhelming and my friend, who ordered this salad, was not satisfied with her order.

seafood ramen PhP235

The ramen was just so-so as my friend commented. Nothing special. Good thing, the soup was warm unlike the main entree that we have ordered. Most of the food came out at room temperature already and was not that appetizing anymore.

gyu miyake plate PhP185

salmon and steak combo PhP299

tempura shrimp and  steak combo PhP385 

DH finished my steak because I lost my appetite already. It was hard to slice and harder to chew. I ate both tempura with a little bit of rice. 

miso and side salad

All combo came with rice, side salad and miso soup which was teeming with seaweed/nori. The miso soup looked like a seaweed/nori order more than a soup. We have to ask for steak knives for all steak dishes and tempura sauce for the tempura. When the waiter served our food, most of the time it was incomplete- no knife, sauce, soup- except for our first few orders.

It was a good thing that I dined here with good friends in tow. If not, this will be such an uneventful night!