New find: Good Chef Bistro

My visit: March 20, 2010

Good Chef Bistro
847A Banawe St., 
Quezon City
559632   0916-5555707

The first time we attempted to dine here was I think two weeks ago. We were a bit early for dinner at 5 in the afternoon and was told in Mandarin (Chinese language) that the restaurant was still close for dinner.

Curiously enough, we went back last Saturday for lunch and saw a few tables occupied. This time DH and I knew that the restaurant was open.  

We thought because the restaurant employs a Mandarin speaking hostess the food serve will be authentic lol Boy, we were proven wrong!

string beans with minced pork PhP160

String beans with minced pork is too HOT too handle! Even my Bicolano DH can't handle the spiciness of this dish. And mind you, we ordered mild in terms of hotness lol See the red thingy on top, those are sili, more of those can be found at the bottom under the pile of string beans. DH took out it all out one by one and it can fill a saucer full of red sili.
salt and pepper spareribs PhP280

I went back to the office with a dry mouth from eating the salt and pepper spareribs. We were able to finish this dish because bones comprise more than half of the meat. Our plates were piled with bones after we were done eating. Not worth for its price tag! The rice is not expensive though at PhP20 per cup and best of all no service charge!

Since this is a short post, I want to insert that I have printed a few cards. Events are coming and I don't have cards to give to those who asked hehe 

DH is telling me that I might attract stalkers (not again!) along the way and that I am vain for wanting to put my picture on my card lol But this is my card and I will put whatever I want to put on it ;p

my still uncut cards