SereniTEA: How they prepare your tea and more!

preparation of your tea

l-r: Raspberry Green Tea and Yakult Green Tea

BFF and I are as different as night and day but we get along really well. It all boils down to our choice of tea. While hers is Raspberry Green Tea, my choice is the Yakult Green Tea- posted as Top 9 in their Banawe branch. Remember, I vowed to try their top 10 teas. 

With every sip, I have to shake my cup a bit as the Yakult separates from the green tea. I had to request our server to put more ice cubes as I want to drink my Yakult green tea cold. What is nice with this drink is that you can taste both the green tea and Yakult at the same time. If you are a Yakult lover , you will surely enjoy this drink.

Pardon the second picture with the Philip Stein watch. That's my wrist in the photo with BFF's watch lol I was fascinated for her to be wearing such a huge watch. I took a picture to find out if a big watch like that would suit me. I don't know... you might want to tell me lol

fish and chips PhP95

Since BFF passed her exam, she treated me that day! We ordered everything on the chow menu- chicken chop, pepper corn, pepper potato and even the fish and chips! Cream Dory is used in the fish and chips. Tasty! Delicious and best of all, it's free lol

Thanks BFF!