Heavenly Chocolates... The Chocolate Bar!

My visit: April 24, 2010

Heavenly  Chocolates
127 Roces Ave., 
Quezon City

I had the opportunity to join a Chocolate Appreciation 101 last month held in Heavenly Chocolates. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Marga Manlapig, a chocovangelist and a blogger too!

The seminar is conducted every last Saturday of the month. They offer a 4pm and a 7pm session. The good thing about this hour long workshop is that it is absolutely free!

The topic varies every month but the main focus is the origin of chocolates and how to fully appreciate the different types of chocolates.

Marga Manlapig- chocovangelist

Chocolates are made from the beans of a cacao fruit (Theobroma Cacao). Its scientific name means food of the Gods. In South America, not only was cocoa beans used as food source but also as currency. To quote " Among the Maya, 4 beans could buy you a rabbit for dinner, 100 would get you a slave and 10 would get a man a wife" lol


lavander+vodka+ganache and cocoa


A ganache is an amalgam of chocolate melted in cream. This was accidentally discovered by a French patissier in 1850 when heated cream was poured into a bowl of chopped chocolate. 

 rolled into cocoa


Truffles were created by Duffour family in 1895.  Truffles are chilled ganache lumps rolled in bitter cocoa. 

During the workshop, I was able to taste tiny cups of chocolate from Equador and Mexico. And of course, the lavander- vodka infused truffles lol It was past my dinner time and I was really, really hungry. I couldn't remember how many truffles I ate that night lol

I know Heavenly Chocolates is coming up with another workshop on chocolate trivia and tastings this month of May. If I am not mistaken it will be all about chocolate and fertility. Feel free to call them up for a spot. Enjoy!