Nodasho Japanese Restaurant

My visit: May 2, 2010

Nodasho Japanese Restaurant
Unit 14, Little Tokyo
2277 Chino Roces St.,
Makati Cuty

 DH and I on my birthday night

After our hearty lunch at Laya, I decided to go to Little Tokyo in Makati for our dinner with family. Initially, DH and I don't have a particular restaurant in mind. As we walked and asked several waitresses in front of the restaurant what their specialty was, we decided to go for Nodasho. We saw the extensive selection of sushi on the menu and the price was just right ; )

salmon sashimi PhP370                  

top (l-r): Ikura sushi costs PhP290; Ebi sushi costs PhP150
bottom (l-r):Saba sushi costs PhP150 while salmon sashimi costs PhP185

Each order comes in set of 2.

california maki PhP200

tamago sashimi PhP100

I don't know if this is the authentic taste of tamago but it lacks the sweetness found in Japanese restaurants that I frequent to.

matsu chirashi sushi PhP450

ebi tempura PhP330

Not bad for 5pieces of tempura.

matsu unajyu PhP550

This is my order and this unajyu  is comparable to Umenoya Japanese Restaurant.

waton tonteki PhP250

This Japanese super pork, known as kurobota, is very tasty and tender. 

I used to love the takoyaki in Little Tokyo but when I tried the Japanese pizza from Kagura I have now switched my loyalty. Actually, it's like a takoyaki made into a pizza lol

AC, my family and I

I was so happy that day because I have spent my birthday with my love ones.