Blogger Event: O'sonho Portuguese Fusion

My event: June 21, 2010

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion
1880 New Eastwood Mall
Quezon City

Have you ever dreamed of something and then turn it into reality? Well, that's exactly what the owners, husband and wife tandem, did! For them, O'sonho is a dream come true!

O'sonho owner and dreamer

I have been to Macau but have not tried Portuguese food. So, I was really excited when I got an invite to dine at O'sonho Portuguese Fusion. As far as I know,  it's the only Portuguese restaurant in the Metro.

picado PhP300

This dish is a part of their appetizer. I love beef tenderloin and this is no exception. This is Portuguese salpicao with lots of garlic and spices. I paired this order with rice because I find it spicy but it's super delicious!

chourico sisig PhP210

O' sonho's, pronounced Osonyo, take on the Filipino bar chow staple- sisig

cerveza battered fish and chips PhP260

DH should not be reading this post haha He doesn't want me to eat too much deep fried food. But, a big BUT, I love anything deep fried! And it's fish haha That's the excuse! And this order was not greasy! I like the fries especially if dipped in their signature perinaise sauce. 

whole roast peri-peri chicken PhP720
The chicken is very tasty and spicy too! I had a mistake of putting a teaspoonful of its sauce mix and I could hardly eat my chicken haha Too spicy! Good thing, there's a lot more chicken waiting for me.

peri peri chicken pasta PhP310

I am not much into pizza and pasta so when this came out, I didn't give too much attention to it. To my surprise, it was a best seller among bloggers. It was such a hit that O'sonho has another order placed on our table. 

coffee marinated roast pork PhP420

strawberry banana PhP130

 fresh iced lemon tea with a hint of peppermint PhP90

Three desserts were served. I posted the pictures according to what I like best. The first one being my favorite. 

tres leches PhP220

dessert of the day PhP220

almond sansrival PhP220