My parents 35th anniversary at Nodasho!

When special occasions arises, Nodasho Japanese restaurant is the place to be. For our family, that is! For my parents' 35th wedding anniversary last July 20, we were back in Nodasho!

There are no cakes available in Nodasho. The four cakes you see here were given by AC, she is part of the family, you know lol

Here's what we have ordered:

Japanese pizza from another restaurant, Kagura

salmon sashimi PhP370

puri- puri salad Php230

tamago sashimi PhP150

gyudon PhP280

california maki PhP200

ikura sushi PhP290

shimesaba sushi PhP150

matsu chirashi sushi PhP450

waton teppanyaki PhP250

ebi tempura PhP330

tako karaage PhP200

We will make sure not to order this next time. It's very chewy that you can't bite it off! This is the only order that we were not so satisfied.

gindara teriyaki Php390

Rice is at PhP60. Not shown above is Unaju matsu PhP550.

We had a great time eating. Too bad that this is a bit not in our area. So, we can eat here only on special occasions like this one!

Happy anniversary mom and dad!
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