Yoggle Frozen Yoghurt Bar

My event: July 27, 2010

Yoggle Frozen Yoghurt Bar 
RONAC Building 
Ortigas Avenue cor. Santolan


 Yoggle bar

PhP20 per oz.

Yoggle, pronounced as yaggle, is a self service yogurt place. But an attendant is available if you need any help decorating or swirling your yogurt like me haha

On the night that I was invited to try Yoggle, I was not my usual self. I was tired because I was shopping the whole day at Primer Bodega Sale. Ok, I didn't really shop the whole day but I drove the whole day to Manila and back ; p But I still want to try the new yogurt place in town. Good thing, DH was a good hubby that night and he drove me over to the blogger's meeting place. 

There were only a select few bloggers who were with me during the night's event and I hate to decline because Tales is nice to me. 

cozy interior

watermelon, strawberry, plain tart and taro with cherry topping

Even though I don't feel good that didn't stop me from eating haha So, let me spill the beans. The reason why I don't eat much real food because I always make room for desserts! lol The picture above is my yogurt and mine alone! Nobody can share haha

I find the original too sour though. The strawberry is a balance of sweetness and tanginess. Watermelon and Taro are both creamy.  I was not satisfied with what I had that night that I went back the very next day with my parents in tow.

7.664oz x PhP20= PhP153.28


My parents were both with me, we dined in Charlie's Grind & Grill next door- I'll be blogging about it in my next post! Then went to Yoggle after lunch. I took a picture of their weighing scale. I didn't know that yogurt could be this expensive. Good thing, my dad has his senior citizen card with him. He got 20% off the price.

My dad likes banana so that's what we got. Plus, taro because it's their best seller.  And, again, watermelon because my dad wants something sweet.

The banana smells like banana essence but tastes bland. The taro wasn't like the taro I tasted the night before. Both my parents didn't like it. Maybe next time, we should try the other flavors available like kiwi, vanilla and mocha cappucino.

Thanks Yoggle and Richard for the invite!