Chirping bird in my room

chirping bird toy

I don't know what got into me but one fine day I woke up wanting a chirping bird sound outside my bedroom window. I don't want the mess of feeding and cleaning up the poop though. I have enough dogs for that lol

Luckily, I remembered that my mom has this toy bird in a cage which gives off a chirping sound if you clap near its cage haha I asked my mom if I can have it and she gave it to me. 

I was in an event when DH got home and whenever he sneezed or closed the door, the chirping sound went off lol I can just imagine the wary look on his face haha After I went home, I asked him if he had already discovered my new toy. He said he wasn't able to find where the chirping sound was coming from. He even looked behind the electric fan to check. Imagine that lol 

The video below shows how the chirping bird work.

video of the chirping bird