Chocolate Fudge Cake by Red Ribbon

My event: September 23, 2010

Red Ribbon Bakeshop
Rizal Drive, The Fort

The e-vite from Red Ribbon's PR company, Protege, came a day before the event. Good thing, I don't have any scheduled event that day. The e-vite piqued my curiosity about the launching of a new cake tagged as "Dessert as Comfort Food". Red Ribbon bakeshop even invited a sous chef named Sherrie Tan to discuss about the topic.

top from The Net 
skirt from Hot Kiss

Traffic was heavy on a Thursday night and it's not even weekend! Maybe its because of the BER month syndrome haha We arrived in a nick of time, hungry from the two hour traffic. Talk about multi- tasking,  I was half listening to Sous Chef Sherrie Tan, eating dinner provided by Red Ribbon and taking pictures of the chocolate fudge cake. 

Red Ribbon's Chocolate Fudge Cake regular size PhP495

a slice of chocolate fudge cake 

A slice of chocolate fudge cake was served to everyone who attended the event. The host said that this cake is best when served warm. 

The cake I got was in room temperature, it was a bit sweet to my taste and more milky in flavor than chocolate.

mocha frappucino Php85

I ordered a mocha frap to go with my slice of cake ; p This mocha frap could very well be my comfort food ; )

Also available in junior size at PhP295.