DIY photo shoot!

What do you do if you are over 30 and a model wanna be? Create a DIY photo shoot! 

It pays that I have a DH who is a GREAT photographer- photoshop expert- layout artist all rolled into one haha *eyes rolling* I know he is reading my blog although I cannot simply make him confess haha

trying to be alluringly H-O-T in the middle of our living room... NOT! haha

First and foremost, I needed a reason for a photo shoot... a new lay out for my header and a blogger card. This is my third header since I started this blog haha Such a vain blogger! 

I got to have a concept. Since I am now covering more and more lifestyle event, high fashion is the way to go lol Think Tyra Banks' ANTM!

For location, I decided to shoot in our living room. Make use of your free space. If there is clutter, no problem, as it might add to the value of your picture haha

I used Lancome kit for this 4 colored eye look

The eye make up took less than 30 minutes to do haha The above photos were not touched by photoshop. So, bear with me with the fine lines haha

now this is my idea...

Put 1 and 2 together and you got yourself a limited edition of my card haha

Say HI when you see me on events!